PhD - Church History


Why study church history on a doctoral level? When you examine what those who have gone before you have attempted for the Kingdom of God, you become a better practitioner for the Kingdom of God.

On the PhD level, you will face the same rigors in your studies of the early Church Fathers, the Medieval and Reformation periods, the global expansion of Christianity, and the unique formation of Christian heritage in the United States (as well as many other class options), that you would face at any accredited institution. At Mid-America, we strive to make what you examine not only an academic exercise, but a reflection upon how you can take what you learn in the classroom and reach a lost and dying world for Jesus Christ.

Every area of religious study, whether it is Church History, Old and New Testament, Theology, Preaching, Education, etc., should have one common theme: Taking the facts one learns and applying them to ministry. Church History can motivate one to greater Kingdom goals through an examination of the trials the Christian forefathers experienced. A study of Church History provides the basis for a better strategy in missions and evangelism because one sees the methods that have worked around the world through the ages. A study of Church History promotes allegiance to the gospel during a time when good men are faced to make compromises with the Word of God.

Come and experience Church History with us. I look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Jeff Brawner - Church History Professor